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Enhance your LDS scripture study with these inspiring and practical ideas. Discover effective methods to deepen your understanding and strengthen your spiritual connection.
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A scripture journal is the recordings of the things you read, the lessons you learn, the revelation you receive, and your personal testimony about important gospel principles. The BEST thing about scripture journals is that they are as personal as your study! It doesn't matter, because you won't be graded, judged or scoffed at no matter what you choose to do!

Tips for Effective Scripture Study:  Mutual Night?   *Would be great for the youth to be given something from the scriptures to read and then work together in two's and then let them use this study sheet to analyze their scripture with this sheet and then share  They will learn from each other how to apply the scriptures  to their own lives.

We had a great Stake Conference this weekend and I took a ton of notes because I wanted to remember everything. One of our Stake Presidency members, who is also a seminary teacher, taught us how to more effectively study the scriptures. I made this handout based on his talk (not his exact words, but it is what I learned from it). We are trying to use these tips as we study the scriptures personally and as a family.

Denise Drakulich
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Sitting in Sunday School a few weeks ago, we were talking about scripture study and how we needed to be reading with our families. While I’m sure that most of us could be doing better at this, it can be difficult to find motivation and creativity every day. This can easily lead to us skipping the reading and missing out on the spirit. These are a few ideas to help your scripture reading be a joy!

Melissa Frederick Kipphut