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Collaboration work with madnessdemon ( Our characters: Anvar, N and his otter, Archibald Verneski, Tren and other aliens. So, what would've happened if they had meet? Sketch, OCs: Archibald Verneski(human on the right side), Tren(alien on the right side) and other aliens © Lurelin Color, OCs: Anvar(alien on the left side), N(human on the left side) and his otter © madnessdemon and her coauthor.

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Magellan Defense Factilities. Concept building for a fictional corporation dealing with planetary defense in and around a distant solar system. A complex manned with all types of different supervising and monitoring equipment. Besides the complex itself I also had a look at a Security Pass from the Magellan Corporation and a little lookout into the Corporate Identity which both you can find here: Also big shoutout to Luan Vetoreti who has been…

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