Rotisserie chicken gravy

Learn how to make mouthwatering gravy using rotisserie chicken. Find easy and flavorful recipes to elevate your meals with homemade gravy.
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This post contains affiliate links. It’s amazing what excites me these days. I’m not sure if that says more about my age, or the pandemic, nonetheless, I’m going to share my recent bit of excitement with you, namely, that I made gravy from a rotisserie chicken. I always find that gravy adds something to a meal (other than calories). It just seems a little more festive when I drizzle a bit of gravy over that chicken, mound of mashed potatoes, or side of dressing. If you are intrigued by the…

Cindy Bittler
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Served over buttery mashed potatoes or rice, this smothered chicken and gravy is super tender and so full of flavors. This is a meal that will warm your heart. Easily prepare this chicken and gravy on the stove or set it and forget it in a slow cooker.

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