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Altar of La Seu d'Urgell and the Apostles<br /> <br /> Second quarter of the twelfth century from a church in the diocese of Urgell, the whole poster espicopal of La Seu d'Urgell, Alt Urgell<br /> <br /> Aquired by the National Art Museum of Catalonia, Barcelona 1905. Ref: 15803 MNAC.<br /> <br /> <br /> La Seu d'Urgell was an important center of Romanesque panel painting. This altar front is one of the best examples, and is also one of the oldest preserved painted panels in Catalonia. At its... Panna Marie, Romanesque Art, National Art Museum, Illustrated Manuscript, Medieval Paintings, Art Periods, Cathedral Architecture, Art Sacre, Book Of Kells

Close up of the Arcades of St Michele of the 13th century Romanesque facade of the San Michele in Foro, a Roman Catholic basilica church in Lucca, Tunscany, Italy . Visit our ITALY PHOTO COLLECTION for more photos of Italy to download or buy as prints If you prefer to buy from our ALAMY PHOTO LIBRARY Collection visit…

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Altar of Esquius - Painted wooden panel<br /> <br /> Second quarter of the twelfth century<br /> <br /> Probably comes from the ancient Chapel of Santa Maria of Besora Castle <br /> <br /> Aquired by the National Art Museum of Catalonia, Barcelona 1958. Ref: 65502 MNAC.<br /> <br /> <br /> The use of valuable pigments (lapis lazuli, orpiment, cinabri) on the Altar panel, suggests that this front was painted in an important monastery scriptorium like Ripoll. The poetic inscription that runs ar... Romans, Romanesque, Miniature, Roman, Christ, Cristo, Alfred, Ancient, Bon Voyage

Romanesque painted Gia altar front Second quarter of the thirteenth century from the church of Santa Maria Gia and Xia, High Ribagorca, Huesca, Spain Acquired by the National Art Museum of Catalonia, Barcelona 1932. Ref: 3902 MNAC. Romanesque painted altar front from Santa Maria Gia, Spain, showing Scenes from the life of Saint Martin. The exceptionally the bottom frame remains the signature of the author, a painter named John (Johannes). This work is typical of the Ribagorca style…

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Romanesque architecture is an architectural style of medieval Europe that was predominant in the 11th and 12th centuries. The style eventually developed into the Gothic style with the shape of the arches providing a simple distinction: the Romanesque is characterized by semicircular arches, while the Gothic is marked by the pointed arches. The Romanesque emerged nearly simultaneously in multiple countries ; its examples can be found across the continent, making it the first pan-European…