Rock jewelry

Discover a collection of unique and stylish rock jewelry pieces that will add a touch of natural beauty to your accessories. Explore top ideas to find the perfect rock jewelry for your style.
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Wire Wrapped Stone Pendants

Wire Wrapped Stone Pendants : For anyone who has been following my projects for more than 6 years, this title may sound familiar. Back in April 2014, I published an Instructable titled "Wire wrapped stone pendants". Six years later, I decided to revisit the project. While my jew…

Cindy Shoudt Reddi
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Wire-wrapped double bail for pendants

Carol Dekle-Foss Last week, I was able to finish my pendants and I wanted to share how I wire-wrap them with a double bail. I like using double bails because they help prevent larger pendants from turning around when worn. For the life of me, I cannot remember where I learned this. Probably a found video somewhere, most likely YouTube. This is a simple technique that takes just a little bit of practice. I hope you find it helpful in your jewelry creations! The below video shows how I do this…

Lisa Crowder