Rice cooker fried rice

Cook perfect fried rice every time with a rice cooker. Explore mouthwatering recipes and tips to create flavorful and satisfying meals in no time.
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Learn how to cook “fried rice” in your rice cooker with all your favorite ingredients like eggs, Chinese sausage and veggies! You’ll love this easy rice cooker method, with the press of a button, you’ll have delicious and healthier fried rice!

Tina Svoboda
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This is a super easy and hearty One-Pot Rice Cooker Meal you can make with your rice cooker! It’s a great way to pack in those vegetables and protein and also use up any produce you have left. You’re free to use any vegetables or protein of your choice to make this.

Lauren Sullivan
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This easy Fried Rice recipe tastes better than any Chinese takeout! It is a super easy recipe with ingredients that you likely have already in your pantry!

George Penney
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Easy one pot “fried rice” that can be made in the rice cooker in under 30 minutes! While there is no “frying” involved, all the classic flavours you love in fried rice is there. Perfect for those lazy nights when you're craving take out!

Michelle Bateman