Revision techniques

Discover proven revision techniques that will help you improve your exam performance. From creating study schedules to utilizing mnemonic devices, these strategies will ensure you are fully prepared for your exams.
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Studying for GCSE or A-Level examinations can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips on how to remember (almost) anything you learn. Follow our page for more helpful study tips and motivation! 📚 Find more information about our tutoring services at 🖱 Study motivation, study aesthetic, study hard, study notes, study quotes, study table, revision aesthetic, revision techniques, exam, gcse revision, a level exams

Octavia Stewart

“The Pomodoro Study Method Give yourself 25 minute study sessions with 5 minute breaks in between until you’ve cover your desired amount of material. Feel free to adjust your intervals to what fits you! Just remember, breaks keep you from burning out.”

Ann Callan