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Explore the art of relief printing and discover unique techniques and designs to bring your artistic vision to life. Get inspired to create stunning prints that showcase your creativity and passion.
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My Name is Mark Lord and I have set up a lino print business called Lino Lord. I make limited edition hand printed quality prints to display in peoples homes or work places. I’m a professional photographer with 20 years experience and generally if I’m photographing people, animals and plants in our countryside then I’m … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Mark Lord"

Bonnie O'Connell
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Kathleen Neeley’s linocut prints are infused with varying cultures across time, yet feel wholly contemporary in reflection. The artist looks at our relationship to the Earth, femininity, and other personal subjects while maintaining the elements and motifs of myths.

Никита Бравцев
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Choosing the right roller for your relief printing can get confusing. Different uses, budgets, sizes and preferences can dictate which roller is best for you. We’ve put together a guide to lino rollers to help you choose the best roller for you. There are several factors that decide how a roller will perform: There are … Continue reading "Relief Printing Rollers: A Comprehensive Guide"

Karen Hofman

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