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Create professional-quality recordings with the right recording studio equipment. Explore top equipment recommendations to enhance your sound and take your recordings to the next level.
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ALABS Fxcaster ultimate audio interface. Podcast equipment bundle comes with a 25mm large capsule condenser mic that lets you start live streaming, and video creation easily in no time. The versatile USB audio interface is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, providing an all-in-one solution for content creators. Recording studio equipment with built-in quality preamps supports 48V phantom power for optimal performance of XLR microphones.

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Written by Michael Sherman for Low Down PublishingCovid-19 is affecting everyone in the entertainment industry including musicians and music teachers. The purpose of this guide is to give you the best chance to provide a good experience for your students, class, or audience. Now that digital lessons have become the new norm for so many, great effort will be placed on quality of musical playback through video conferencing. Please feel free to share this with other music teachers or…

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ELIMINATE INTERFERENCE: The inner side of the microphone isolation shield is made of absorbing cotton insulation that can reduce sound reflection when recording. FLEXIBILITY & CONVENIENCE: The folding panel design features enables angle adjustments, giving you optimal insolation. Compact design, lightweight construction as well as fold-ability allows you to carry it easily and take along wherever you go. DURABILITY: Constructed out of premium steel with high-quality screws to ensure…

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I re-built this desk out of an old Creation Station desk. I kept the base, the legs and reversed the top. Of course, if you have your own or make your own table legs, it's easy enough to do with any desk or build the entire desk yourself. I hand-built the racks and the center section and heavily modified the rest of the desk. I started with this...I found the workflow of this recording desk diminish my creativity. I had a different workflow in mind. I was not in the mood to spend $1500 on…

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