Real diamond earrings

Enhance your look with the timeless elegance of real diamond earrings. Explore our collection and find the perfect pair to add a touch of luxury to any outfit.
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…………………………………. FINEST DIAMOND SIMULANTS: - Diamond Type: Excellent Handcut White CZ (Simulated Diamond) - Diamond cutting: Brilliant cut - Total stones weight: Approximately 0.66 cttw FINEST 925 STERLING SILVER: - Earring dimension: 13.0 mm (L) x 13.0 mm (W) - Setting type & style: Pave, snowflake, bloom, stud - Our sterling silver test report: HIGH QUALITY HEAVY PLATING: - Highly polished with rhodium heavy plating over sterling silver to prevent…

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PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: • Gemstone Type: Moissanite & Lab Diamond • Color: Near White • Weight:2.50 Ct • Shape : Round Cut • Clarity: VVS1 • Hardness - 9.25 • Luster : Excellent • Metal Type - 925 Sterling Silver 14K Solid Gold (White,Yellow And Rose) MOISSANITE - vs - DIAMOND • Moissanites maintain their clarity & sparkle throughout a lifetime just like a Diamond • Moissanites are actually more brilliant (sparkly) than Diamonds with a 2.65 refractive index-- Diamonds are 2.42 • Moissanite…

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Nothing says true love like a big ol’ rock, does it? In fact, the bigger, the better. Even if you are horrified by the suggestion that the ideal of true love can be quantified in materialistic terms by measuring its worth in terms of the weight, cut, and clarity of a diamond,

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