Radial nerve

Learn about the radial nerve and its important functions in the human body. Explore common injuries and effective treatments to ensure optimal health and functionality.
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Radial nerve is a terminal branch of the posterior cord and supplies the majority of the muscles in the posterior compartment of the arm/forearm/hand. Arises from posterior cord of the brachial plexus (C5-8, T1) Spirals posterolaterally around the humerus with the deep brachial artery in the spiral groove. Gives off posterior cutaneous nerve of forearm, which passes posterior to lateral condyle and supplies posterior forearm It pierces the lateral intermsucular septum into the anterior…

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Radial Tunnel Syndrome is another form of nerve compression injury that involves the radial nerve as it passes through the elbow. As the radial nerve exits the elbow, it winds down the upper arm and then crosses past the outside or lateral aspect of the elbow.

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