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Explore heartwarming quotes about young love to capture the essence of youthful romance. Get inspired and relive the magic of that special connection in your life.
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Important Note : This book is a sequel to The Sinner and not a stand alone book. | • | Her love was like an unicorn. Something that he didn't believe in. Something that he didn't want to believe in. It was surreal, just like her. While he, he was someone who didn't even believe in the reality. But she managed to make him believe in her love. And she managed to make him believe in unicorns. He still remembers the depth of her brown eyes, it was a bottomless abyss. He remembers her gentle…

Riley Klaas
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My sister and I are homeless, until a kind man and his wife takes us in... i was about to leave until I saw ... her I don't own the picture, it fits perfectly with the image of the girl in my dream.

Desiree West
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Love is always blind. That’s for sure. When you find the right one, you can’t have too much time with him. One the things we expect most is the morning text you send to each other that will make the whole day better. If you are tired of the common ways of showing love and […]

Alex Lopez