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Explore the life and legacy of Princess Diana, a beloved figure who captivated the world. Discover her journey, charity work, and lasting impact on society.
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Remembering Princess Diana - MJVibe

Today we remember the incredible life of Princess Diana, two decades on from her tragic death. From her wonderful humanitarian work, warmth and compassion to her iconic style and elegance, Princess Diana’s legacy continues to be a true inspiration to people the world over. Diana was said to have been an enormous Michael Jackson fan, […]

Julia Daniel
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Princess Diana wanted Charles to leave her with the boys & hoped to find freedom

SHE was the world’s most famous woman, never out of the spotlight. Yet Princess Diana rarely spoke on the record to her adoring public. Little wonder the words she did leave behind are now treated …

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Princess Diana Was The Original Prairie Collar Influencer

Pie crust collars were synonymous with Diana, Princess of Wales’s Sloane Ranger style, but the royal’s penchant for Peter Pan collared shirting was where she showed true character. From exaggerated Prairie styles to oversized frilly necklines tied with ribbons, monster collared blouses formed the feminine foundation to Lady Diana’s eclectic daywear.

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