Primitive kitchen cabinets

Enhance your kitchen with rustic charm using primitive kitchen cabinets. Discover top ideas to create a cozy and nostalgic ambiance in your cooking space.
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Country primitive is popular for a reason. If you're going for a homey welcoming feel in your home then primitive country style is definitely for you. Primitive country decor makes use of worn items that look as if it has been handed down through the generations. Most of the decor items we associate with the

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Is there a project in your home that you have put off? Maybe for years? Maybe it’s such a big project that even just the thought of it has made you tired and so you put it off for another year? Well that was me with my kitchen floors. They were ATROCIOUS. Ask my daughter. No matter what I did, they looked dirty. I could clean them for hours, and they would still look the same. I was always having to orient my pictures just right to where you couldn’t see the spots that wouldn’t come up and…

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