Practice typing skills

Enhance your typing speed and accuracy with these engaging practice methods. From interactive games to targeted exercises, discover the best ways to level up your typing skills today.
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Discover the 9 best typing software and tools of 2023 to improve your typing skills and productivity. From free online resources like Typing Mentor and to paid programs like Typing Master and Typesy, these tools offer a structured learning approach with exercises, lessons, and games. Choose a program based on factors like price, ease of use, and effectiveness, and personalize your learning experience.

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Over the summer months, kids can easily improve their keyboarding skills while having fun. There are numerous free typing games available on the internet, and this blogpost highlights a few of them. The very first one listed, Dance Mat Typing, is by far my favorite of all the options. In fact, it is better than many purchasable software programs and online lessons. The first two games offer lessons, while the last eight are games that allow students to practice their keyboarding skills…

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Tap, tap, tap… “YESSSSSSSSSSSS!” I hear my son shout. He has just received a promotion. We are in our second month of exploring Keyboard Classroom and we both couldn’t be more pleased. Finally, after searching off and on for a while, we’ve found a typing program that we both like. Our time is just too […]

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