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the unofficial symbol of Portugal. In any curio or tourist shop you will find the symbol represented by a ceramic rooster and in the motif embroidered in towels, aprons, stamped on key chains, paper weights, etc. Because of its lively colors, the Rooster of Barcelos is difficult to miss where ever it appears. The motif seems to embody the love of life displayed by the Portuguese people... According to a famous legend, at a banquet given by a rich landowner in Barcelos, a valuable piece of…

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Hello all, today I would like to take another look at Estonia. The Estonians are a Uralic people, and are related to the Finns, Karelians, Veps, Votes and Livonians rather than to their Baltic neighbors, with which they are often lumped together. These languages are not Indo-European, unlike the majority of languages in Europe. Here is a map of Estonia. The small divisions shown on the map are called Vald in Estonian, which is usually translated as parish. The larger divisions are cultural…

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