Porcelain painting ideas

Unleash your artistic side with these stunning porcelain painting ideas. Discover unique designs and techniques to create your own masterpiece.
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Pottery Painting is something that most people express an interest in. There is something hypnotically therapeutic about the process of pottery, which is why even people who are not artistically inclined are drawn to it. Plus if you are inclined to be adept with working with your hands at drawing and art, then you can paint pottery to make it look even more appealing, There are some techniques involved in the process of pottery and its decoration. This includes the preparation, the throwing…

Nicole du Plooy
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Hand-painted teacup and saucer. Unique hand-painted porcelain Coffee /Tea set (cup and saucer) with Pebeo porcelain paint. Good idea for Mother's Day gift for someone special or for another occasion. Although the paint is dishwasher safe, I recommended hand washing to help preserve the design. Thank you so much for looking.