Plum tomatoes

Explore a variety of mouthwatering recipes that showcase the vibrant flavors of fresh plum tomatoes. From pasta sauces to salads, discover new ways to enjoy this juicy and versatile fruit.
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Roasted Red Plum Tomato Sauce ~ Great Freezer Recipe - Family Balance Sheet

What does a girl do with 19 pounds of organic plum tomatoes that she bought for $6? Make sauce! Two weeks ago, at the picnic/potluck that our CSA hosts annually, they offered boxes of organic plum tomatoes for $6. I couldn’t pass it up and next year I will buy two boxes. Roasted Red Plum […]

Lyn Hannan
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My Tomato Epiphany (and Tomato-Chive-Parmesan Pasta Salad). | My Other More Exciting Self

By tomato lover standards (if there are such standards), my garden is paltry. I hear tales of people who plant 30, 40 even 50 plants and then spend fall weekends happily canning away. (Or at least they claim they love to can – you know, 36 quarts of this, that and the other thing.) Me? […] Read more...

Don Hall
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Simple Roasted Tomato Sauce Recipe

Tomatoes. Olive oil. Salt. Pepper. No measurements. It really can't get much more simple than that! Despite the short ingredient list, this roasted tomato sauce is FAR from short in flavor! Enjoy this rich, thick, sweet sauce now, or easily preserve it by freezing or canning.

Melissa Riley

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