Plant problems

Learn how to identify and solve common plant problems to keep your garden thriving. Discover expert tips and techniques to ensure your plants stay healthy and vibrant.
A set of four pictures arranged in a grid. Top is a plant with white mold with two bottles of vinegar on either side. Left is a picture of a hydrogen peroxide bottle. Bottom left is a picture of a spoon scraping white mold from a plant's soil. Right bottom is white mold on potting soil surface with a red No symbol, a circle with a slash through it. Image Text: "3 Ways to get rid of white mold." - Apple Cider Vinegar, Get Rid Of Mold, Distilled White Vinegar, How To Kill Mold, Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide, Cold Home Remedies, Natural Cold Remedies

White mold is so easy to deal with quickly and cheaply with natural remedies easily found in your own kitchen. Chances are that you won't even have to go to the store to deal with fuzzy or scaley mold on your indoor plants' potting soil. Learn how Hydrogen Peroxide, White or Apple Cider Vinegar, or simply scouring your plants' soil can get rid of white mold, and how you can prevent it from ever returning.

Kelly Vernon Reagan