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Discover heartwarming ideas to show your love for pit bulls. From adorable accessories to heart-melting stories, find inspiration to celebrate these amazing dogs.
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My practice cares for a large number of pit bull and pit bull type dogs. They are stoic and kind. They do seem to be predisposed to certain issues everyone should be aware of. Certain diseases seem to crop up more often in certain types of dogs. These are known as breed associated disorders. Each type of dog has its own list, but many of the issues are shared by multiple breeds. Very few of these types of issues are ... Read more

Claudia Slone
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We see unfortunate stories in the news often about Pit Bulls that make them seem like bad dogs – but iHeartDogs believes that there’s no such thing as a “bad breed”. Anyone who has ever loved a Pit Bull will tell you what sweet, loyal, eager-to-please dogs they are. With love, Pit Bulls are great family dogs and loyal companions. People who have a Pit Bull or Pit Mix are used to getting dirty looks and comments when they take ... Read more

Debby Lilly