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Discover unique ways to arrange and display pictures on your wall for a stunning and personalized home decor. Get inspired to create a gallery wall that showcases your favorite memories and adds character to your space.
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The selection of wall art and its placement does not have to be tricky. I am sharing my favorite bold pieces of wall art and simple “rules” for wall art placement in your home.

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As you probably know, I love art. One of my favorite ways to display art in our house is with a gallery wall. Today I'll be sharing some fun ideas for your next gallery wall. You can use any of the above ideas to create a really unique wall of art in any room. Here are some more fun tips that I use when assembling my own gallery walls. #1. Mix & Match. In my Office Gallery Wall I mixed a sailboat print, weird-foreign-maps, small mirrors, and some of my favorite photographs that I had printed…