People with green eyes

Enhance the natural beauty of your green eyes with these mesmerizing makeup ideas. Discover tips and tricks to make your eyes pop and stand out from the crowd.
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Green Eyes Real Spiritual Meaning

Green eyes have a lot of special meanings in different cultures and spiritual beliefs. Just like the color green is found all over in nature, the meanings of green eyes can be found all over the world. In spirituality, green is a significant color. It can represent everything from growth, prosperity, freshness, to jealousy, deception

Stephanie Orlando
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Hazel Eyes: 10 Surprising Facts You Shouldn't Miss

Do you agree how eyes are being referred as the window to a person’s soul? It’s been long believed that you can learn much about a person just by looking at them, through their eyes, because human eyes are known to reflect feelings and personality. Not only does the eyes give an individual the power …

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