Peewee cheerleading

Get your little ones involved in peewee cheerleading and watch them shine. Find top ideas to create memorable routines and build confidence in your young cheerleaders.
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Motions are the absolute foundation of cheerleading. If you strip away the flashy props, the stunts, the tumbling, the music and get down to it, the most important role of a cheerleader is to lead cheers. You can’t have cheers without motions. Well, I mean, technically you could, but how boring would that be?! Even … Learning Cheerleading Motions Read More »

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A peewee cheerleading squad presents a coaching challenge because of lack of experience and short attention spans. Knowing how to handle the young girls enables you to make the most of your practice time while helping them learn the basics of the sport. Safety and proper execution is also key for young kids whose ...

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Cheer tips to improve your precision and how to hit your counts! Click on link for full article and more tips. Cheer Stunts, Cheerleading, Cheer Hacks, Cheer Moves, Cheer Flexibility, Cheerleading Tips, Cheer Routines, Cheer Tips, Cheer Tryouts

Whether it's spaghetti or jelly arms, getting kids (or some adults!) to hit their motions can be a struggle. This past week, we have launched the first episode of our new series, CHEER PRO™ Dance Fitness (see below!) so we wanted to dedicate this week's #TipTuesday to hitting our counts and improving motion technique. Arm motions are the original foundation of cheerleading. They are the element which makes it so iconically sharp and unique. Arm motions are present not only in motion and…

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