Peas and bacon pasta

Indulge in the mouthwatering combination of peas and bacon with these flavorful pasta recipes. Try these easy and satisfying dishes for a comforting meal that your whole family will love.
Creamy Pasta Shells with Sweet Peas and Bacon | CucinaByElena Pasta Salad, Bacon, Pasta, Pasta With Peas, Pasta Salad Recipes, Creamy Pasta, Easy Pasta Salad Recipe, Pasta Salad With Tortellini, Stuffed Pasta Shells

This pasta dish is always a crowd pleaser! We start with delicious sweet peas that get coated in a creamy buttery sauce and finally, tossed with al dente pasta shells to hold all the delicious sauce. Add the bacon at the end to keep it nice and crunchy! You will love fresh pop of flavor from sweet peas and the crunch of savory bacon in every bite. It tastes like home and brings everyone to the table.