Paintings of barns

Transform your home with captivating paintings of barns. Discover top ideas to bring a rustic charm and timeless beauty to your living space.
From the Easel of Barbara Jaenicke: Harmonizing Structures and the Landscape Art Techniques, Landscape Paintings, Abstract Landscape, Architecture, Art, Impressionist Art, Fine Art, Landscape Art, Paintings Of Barns

Tucked Away, oil, 9x12 This month in my classes at my studio we once again studied structures within the landscape. Last month's subject matter had more similarities in the local color of the white buildings and the snow on the ground, so it was a little easier to develop a cohesive look between buildings and landscape. This time, the structures have less in common with the surrounding landscape, so it's the artist's job to create that harmony. We addressed lost and found edges a bit as we…