Painting process

Discover the step-by-step process of painting to create stunning masterpieces. Explore techniques, tips, and inspiration to enhance your painting skills and unleash your creativity.
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My painting process

Step-by-step for my painting - Two lads. Step 1 - A loose but accurate pencil drawing. Step 2 - I soaked the paper, waited a few minutes and the floated in approximate colors, letting them merge on the paper. Step 3 - Another wash adding more pigment to the washes. Step 4 - I continued to add more color and depth to the painting, I also lifted and softened a few edges. Step 5 - A final wash giving more depth and detail to the painting. A one hour demo for 'Couple walking in the sun,' it…

Arianna Storelli
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Tutorials, References & Daily Inspiration Picks

Why do you do this to me There’s a reason behind color zones, but James Gurney does a much better job at explaining it than I do. Keep in mind this doesn’t cover lighting, just the local color of...

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Cloud Tutorial/Somnvari

The illustration Cloud Tutorial , with the tags メイキング, clouds, 雲の描き方 etc. is created by Somnvari . In ART street, the comment of Somnvari is New tutorial of how I draw Clouds~!!What I use: - Pen or Pen

Natalia Kulik