Painting birthday party

Host a memorable painting birthday party with these creative and fun ideas. Get inspired and plan an artistic celebration for your child's special day.
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Neon Watercolor Birthday Party

I am eager to take you on a little tour of Avery's watercolor painting party! Our party was full of DIY projects, and now that Avery is older, she participated in most of the preparation from the invitations and outfit to the table coverings. Her current favorite colors are light blue, neon pink, and neon yellow, so you will see that we used those colors throughout. Welcome.... We'll begin with the food and move on to the activities. We provided a couple of snacks including paint splatter…

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Caroline's 8th Birthday Pottery Painting Party - Carolina Charm

Our sweet Caroline is officially 8 — and we celebrated all weekend! Friday afternoon Caroline had a class birthday party and then I surprised her with early dismissal for mani/pedi appointments! And Friday night she got to pick out the movie for Family Movie Night — Into The Woods! After the kids were asleep, Matt …

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23 Creative Art Themed Party Ideas

WATCH THE CREATIVITY OF YOUR CHILDREN AND THEIR FRIENDS COME TO LIFE WITH THESE AMAZING KIDS PAINTING PARTY IDEAS! Is your child super artsy? Do you always find them at their art desk creating, painting, drawing, and coloring?! If so, a paint themed party is the perfect birthday theme for your little Van Gogh, Dali,

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DIY Paint Balloon Art Canvas – Makeful Art Party Food, Girly Activities, Art Themed Party, Circus Music, Painting Birthday Party, Artist Birthday, Birthday Painting, Balloon Painting, Painting Birthday

DIY Paint Balloon Art Canvas – Makeful

Cue the circus music: this project provides a fun twist on the standard carnival game, where the prize afterwards is a splashy original art piece! Set it up as part of a themed birthday party, a fun dart game for a summer BBQ, or just as a unique way to create some new apartment décor. Once the balloons have been popped, hang your new painting in your home office for a splash of colour, or share it as an adorable one-of-a-kind gift. The perfect souvenir of a memorable night!