Pacifier clip tutorial

Learn how to make a stylish and functional pacifier clip for your baby with this easy DIY tutorial. Keep your baby's pacifier clean and within reach with these adorable clip ideas.
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Tutorial: Macrame Pacifier Clip

We are SO pumped to supply you with another crafting option --- MACRAME! This launch has been a long time in the making and we couldn't love this product and the gorgeous color options more! Our blog post today includes a sweet tutorial for an easy, first time macrame project - let's get crafting!

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DIY Clay & Wooden Pacifier Clips - mikyla

DIY Clay & Wooden Pacifier Clips Guys, I have been itching to make this DIY and it was even better than I expected! Now, since becoming a mom I have learnt that there are a lottt of baby supplies that are very overpriced. Well, pacifier clips are one of those things! I have a few

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DIY - How To Make Pacifier Clips

Is your baby constantly dropping her pacifier? We'll show you how to make pacifier clips the easy (and CHEAP) way to solve the problem! This pacifier clips DIY would also be a great craft to make and sell. How to Make Pacifier Clips My babies are quite pro-binky, and I don't mind a bit! The only problem I run into is losing them around the house! With our last child, I finally got around to purchasing a pacifier clip just as he was growing out of them. I only wish I had found clips sooner! I…

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How To Tuesday: Pacifier Leash

Binky. Paci. Nuk. Soother. What does your family call Baby's beloved pacifier? My favorite parenting website lists 160 nicknames for this little device! Most parents have a love-hate relationship with them. It's like we can't live with them but we can't live without them. My cousin's cute baby Anderson above is clearly fascinated with his little "Precious." (Did you catch the movie reference? Clever parents.) Whatever we choose to call them, today we have a fantastic tutorial that will help…

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