Owl mask

Unleash your inner owl with these unique owl mask ideas. Find the perfect mask to create a mysterious and captivating look for your next costume party or Halloween.
Leather Horned Owl Mask 2 by ~teonova on deviantART Mascara, Origami, Owl Mask, Bird Masks, Horned Owl, Cat Mask, Leather Mask, Mask, Animal Masks

Description Another owl mask **Great Horned Owl Mask...#2** This mask is hand molded and formed to look like a Horned Owl. It has been dyed and painted, and has a protective topcoat and a pair of coordinating ribbon ties. Mask is made of two layers of high quality leather, glued and stitched. I work in light leather that accepts and holds detailed molding and forming, and is also easier to wear than heavier leather masks. unisex - for men or women Handcrafted and unique leather masks by…

Brittany Witt (Vandegraft)