Outdoor shower inspiration

Transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis with these refreshing outdoor shower ideas. Find inspiration to create a rejuvenating space that brings the spa experience to your own home.
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Indulge in the luxury of serenity with our guide to 12 private outdoor shower designs. Immerse yourself in the emotional allure of these sanctuaries, each crafted for blissful escapes and intimate moments with nature.

Jill McDonald

An outdoor shower is perfect for gardeners, fishermen and swimmers to keep dirt and sand outside where it belongs. Assuming you don’t live in an area governed by a home owners’ association (or, if you do, that you’ve checked with your HOA to ensure they’re allowed), check out these 6 tips to ponder when designing an outdoor shower for your timber home.

Jamie Sentz

There are several types of outdoor showers, but the most practical is an enclosed design attached to the house. It’s convenient, private, and the least expensive way to run hot water outdoors. If you’re thinking about building an attached shower in your own backyard, follow these guidelines to ensure a smart design.

Molly Houser