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Transport yourself back in time with these top ideas for old TV shows. Find your favorites and relive the magic of classic television with a touch of nostalgia.
24 TV Shows That Need To Become Clothing Lines Immediately Retro Vintage, 1970s, Retro, Vintage, Motown, Disco Era, Roller Disco, Dj, Oldies

The costume designer of Girls might collaborate on clothing lines — even though sometimes her work is all about "finding [Lena Dunham] just the right pair of gross underwear." Girls is great in many ways, but what about the fashion on all these other TV shows going unnoticed but wildly relevant today? Everyone wants to turn televised nonsense into clothing lines now (Snooki sunglasses exist) so they may as well reach back to shows that are at least ironically cool now.

Shaunté Ferguson