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Take a trip down memory lane and explore the nostalgia of the old internet. Find top ideas to relive the magic of the early days of the web.
The original Google website from 10 years ago - Pingdom Royal Internet Art, Windows, Adobe Photoshop, Google Website, Google, Old Google, Internet, First Website, Check It Out

We’re a few days early, but Google is about to turn 10 years old this month (they opened their doors in September 1998). On the Web, a decade is a looong time, so we were curious to see what the Google website looked like when it originally launched. At the time, Google didn’t have much on the actual Google.com domain: Only two links, one to the regular Google version, then hosted at google.stanford.edu and called “Google Search Engine Prototype,” and another to a beta version named…

Gabriel Gauljaux
MSN Messenger! Playing With Emojis Over A Decade Before It Was Cool Instagram, Childhood, Fotos, Fun, Microsoft, 90s, Discover, Our Kids, Internet

Since I haven't had the luck to be born and to grow up in The United States of America, or any other Western country, but rather an occupation-torn post-Soviet state that has just regained its freedom, I've never actually seen or touched half of the things on this list. And, yet, looking at all these Poo-chi dogs, Polly Pockets, and things like phone charms, I feel a massive wave of 2000s nostalgia!

Casey Anderson