Oatmeal porridge

Try these mouthwatering oatmeal porridge recipes to kickstart your morning. Discover new flavors and textures that will keep you satisfied and energized throughout the day.
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Best, perfect way to make oats porridge on stove top. You can enjoy the delicious oats porridge/oatmeal porridge as its own or add your own favorite topping be it fruit, nuts, dried fruits, seeds etc and use your favorite sweeteners. Oats porridge makes a quick, easy and quick option for breakfast for adults and kids which you can even make in advance if you wish.

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Start your day with this satisfying and heart warming Jamaican Oats Porridge. Delicious super creamy vegan island style oatmeal made with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, a plant based milk of your choice and sweetened with coconut condensed milk.


Oat Porridge is a healthy, delicious breakfast that's great for all ages. This homemade porridge is fragrant with warm, comforting notes of maple syrup, vanilla, and cinnamon — the most perfect way to heat up on cold winter mornings. It's creamy. It's rich. It's just plain cozy.

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Oatmeal - a timeless breakfast classic! Learn how to make it delicious and keep it interesting, with 5 different flavour and topping ideas! Hi, Sprouts. I'm back from my little break with my first recipe(s) of 2020. I hope you had a merry Christmas and a very happy new year...

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