Nutritional deficiencies

Learn about the common nutritional deficiencies that can affect your health and discover effective ways to address them. Take control of your well-being and optimize your nutrition for a healthier life.
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Could you have a zinc deficiency? The following signs of zinc deficiency are clues that you’re just not getting enough: Stretch marks Decreased immune response Increased susceptibility to viral infections Diabetes Loss of appetite Hair loss Skin problems (acne, eczema, etc.) White spots on the nails Slow wound healing Anorexia Nervosa When zinc deficiency occurs due to...Read More

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Cliff notes: Thiamine deficiency was not solved decades ago by enriching grains and is alive and well. The implications of this have a huge impact on modern day health and disease. It's always been amazing to me that a country with an endless food supply and resources can coexist with so much disease. It's almost...Read More

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