No response

Learn effective strategies to handle situations where you receive no response. Improve your communication skills and increase your chances of getting a reply.
Life is just one big moment of silence. Don't speak and you won't be judged for your words or your actions. If you open your heart and let someone know how you really feel, you risk going right back into the feelings you had way back ,when two people just imagined what it might feel like talking or being with that person. Dream, imagine.......don't judge ...not even quietly.  My Angel Vince XX Relationship Quotes, Wise Words, True Quotes, Now Quotes, Missing Someone, Word Up, Great Quotes, That Way, Favorite Quotes

No one can find the rewind button, girl. So cradle your head in your hands. And breathe.

Well it seems as if I've driven myelf into a corner, a dark, lonley corner. I get very upset at something, realize I've got really none left to talk and then get even more upset. I need a few people back in my life.. But unfortunatly I can't even talk to one of them anymore.. It was my own fault though. And as for the other two... Just go back to the way you were.. I'd appreciate it. I wish I could just say everything that's on my mind on this. But even though I've never told anyone I know…