Newborn wrap

Capture the beauty and innocence of your newborn with these adorable wrap ideas. Create stunning and heartwarming photoshoots that will be cherished forever.
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7 Quick and Easy Wraps ~ You will need a stretchy wrap approximately 18″ x 60″ ~ The cross over The wrap around The wrap around version 2 The twist The criss-cross The Fan The Fan version 2 Optimise your studio workflow BUY NOW BUY NOW BUY NOW Create your own Newborn Wrapping techniques with StandInBaby™…

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FOR NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY. Not for everyday use. Off White Muslin Wrap with pearls for newborn photos, WRAP ONLY, this listing DOES NOT include anything beside the white pearl swaddle wrap. Muslin is a very soft and fragile fabric but it makes a wonderful swaddle wrap for photography. It is NOT meant for everyday use. Wrap measures 72 x 36 inches. Newborn pillows, headbands and crowns are available in our other listings, NOT included with this swaddle wrap. PLEASE NOTE: Paying priority…

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It's no hidden secret that wrapping in newborn photography can make your job easier. A brand new baby just came from an environment that is warm and cozy with not much space to move around in. It's no wonder that they feel the most comfortable when they are wrapped up tight. Learning how to properly swaddle a new baby is a huge asset to you as a newborn photographer. In this tutorial we will show you how to do a simple swaddle wrap that you can use over and over in your newborn photography…

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