Newborn birth

Prepare for the arrival of your newborn with these essential tips for a smooth birth experience. Learn how to create a calm and comfortable environment to welcome your little one into the world.

I was so lucky to get to photograph the birth of sweet little Tatum at the end of July. I had photographed his big sister's newborn photos about a year and a half ago, and I was super excited to hear they were having baby number 2, and to get the request to do their birth photos this…

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My Birth Story Being pregnant and giving birth are both unexplainable experiences. No matter how many pregnant people I knew or heard about birth from, it couldn't begin to prepare me for the miracle that happens to a woman’s body. Growing a life, being connected to another human, bringing a baby into this world is the most beautiful life experience. This is my birth story. (Photos at the end of this story may be considered NSFW) Related Article: After the Birth: My Postpartum Hospital Stay…

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“Does he have time to walk down to his neighbors house?” The voice on the other end of the phone was breaking up. Another wave started. The tightening began low and crept up into my shoulders like a spilled glass of milk. I forced a breath. Pushed my head further into the back of the ... Read More about Max’s Birth Story