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Embark on an epic journey through the stunning landscapes of New Zealand. Discover thrilling activities, breathtaking hikes, and unique experiences that will make your trip unforgettable.
6 warming hot springs around New Zealand to visit New Zealand Winter, Seasonal Room, Japanese Onsen, Indoor Spa, Thermal Pool, Hot Pools, Spa Resort, Travel Oklahoma, Thermal Spring

Natural minerals in geothermal springs around the country have therapeutic properties ‒ and keep toes toasty. Words: Cheree Morrison Winter travel comes with its own set of perks: fewer crowds, moody views of snowy peaks or tempestuous beaches and, occasionally, a seasonal room rate. But if there’s one great thing about traveling during winter, it’s defrosting after a day outdoors. Frozen fingers and numb toes love nothing more than a soak in a thermal hot spring. Thermal hot springs form…

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