Nepali tattoo traditional

Discover the beauty of traditional Nepali tattoo designs and immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Nepal. Find inspiration for your next tattoo and embrace the cultural significance of this ancient art form.
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Traditions Tattoos in Nepal

In Nepal traditional tattoos have been popular for many generations, especially among the Newari and Tharu communities. The Newar communities of the Kathmandu Valley, especially those of Tebhal and Thimi in Bhaktapur, may be the first to have used tattoos in this country. Among the Newari community tattoos are commonly known as ‘lha–chyogu’. ‘Lha’ means ‘flesh’ and ‘chyogu’ means ‘writing’, thus ‘writing on the flesh’. Tattoos are most commonly used by women and lower-caste Newaris. The…

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