Needle felting projects

Discover a variety of needle felting projects that are perfect for beginners and experienced crafters. Get inspired to create unique and adorable felted creations with these top ideas.
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Needle Felted Mouse Free Tutorial

STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL Do you like craft but want something that comes together in a couple of hours rather than several days? Well then, you are my kind of crafter and I guarantee you're going to love needle-felting! Taking just a handful of wool fibres and stabbing them with a special needle, you too can make gorgeous little sculptures! And who knew that repeatedly stabbing something could be so bloomin' therapeutic? If you would like to have a go for yourself, I am sharing

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3 Needle Felting Tips to Make Your Artwork Look Professional

Do you ever wonder how professional textile artists achieve a smooth, even finish to their needle felted artwork? Does your work look a little fuzzy, blobby or matted in comparison? Read on for three effective tips to get you felting like a pro.1. Stab Sensitively!Have you ever looked at your work and though "that looks a bit...stabby"? Have the holes made by your felting needle really left their impression on your work? The chances are that this is because when you stab down with your…

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15 Quick Needle Felting Projects

These needle felting projects are perfect for quick moments of creativity where you don’t have a lot of time, or maybe you just want something that felts up quickly. I recently made my first …

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How to add wire to your needle felting projects

Learn how to needle felt with award winning needle felting kits for absolute beginners and beyond. No sewing, tricky patterns or fancy equipment. Just add enthusiasm! Every kit has all you need to get started. Just open the box and be inspired!

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