Natural cavity repair

Discover effective and natural remedies to repair cavities and promote better dental health. Take control of your oral care with these simple and powerful techniques.
How to naturally repair a cavity. Keep these tips in mind to avoid visiting the dentist Natural Remedies, Dental Health, Nutrition, Oral Health, Oral Health Care, Teeth Whitening, Reverse Cavities, Tooth Decay, Best Teeth Whitening

It's important to clarify that while a healthy diet and good oral hygiene can help prevent cavities and may aid in the remineralization of teeth in very early stages, once a cavity has formed, it cannot be completely 'repaired' naturally at home. Cavities are permanent damage to the tooth enamel that typically require dental intervention to treat. The information provided here aims to offer guidance on how to support oral health and potentially slow the progression of early tooth decay, but…

Pamela Blakley
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The Healing Of A Tooth A few months ago I started having severe pain in my back tooth, so much worse if I ate anything sweet, including just a bit of fruit. So I finally took a photo with the smart phone and sigh, I had a cavity. I started to do a sort of coconut oil scrub on my tooth before brushing. This is the recipe: 4 tbsp. Coconut Oil 2 tbsp. Baking Soda (aluminum free) 1 tbsp. Xylitol 20 drops Clove essential oil 20 drops Himalayan salt I scrub it on for about a minute or two. I tried…

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Confessions of a Mumzilla: How I reversed Adam's teeth decay and saved myself $3000. Dental Health, Cavities In Kids, Reverse Cavities, Oral Health, Dental Cavities, Causes Of Tooth Decay, Toddler Cavities, General Anaesthesia, Remedies For Tooth Ache

Adam has teeth decay. Holy schmoly! On 30 Jan 2014 after a routine dental check: CARIES HIGH ALERT! Adam's regular dentist, let's call her Dentist A, said she wouldn't do it without general anaesthesia because he had a total of 7 cavities, the rest being small ones. We were shocked because just slightly more than 6 months prior, Adam had 2 fillings done and was discharged with no major teeth issues. We then brought him to Dentist B for a second opinion, thinking there was a chance she would…

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