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The MUNA Argentinean Naval Museum is a building where flows and pathways overlap and connect in order to create a dynamic and interactive space. Although the programme is clear and organised on the ground plan, flexibility of use is the main objective of the project.

Rocio Luz
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In my project, which consists of 3 buildings in total; I also created accommodation areas for people coming from abroad to visit the museum. I also designed a library building for researchers who come to the museum. I united people by opening all buildings to a common area. While using a common language in my library and museum building, I reduced the explosion effect in my accommodation building and designed this place more regularly and created a contrast.

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The design seeks to show the role of art as a history storyteller from its own perspective andthis was appeared by evoking the collective memory and employ them through the modern erawith its needs and features based on diversity and coexistence by acce…

Angie Malú

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