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7 Tattoo Trends That Annoy Tattoo Artists The Most

Getting a tattoo is an immensely personal experience. And usually, artists aren't about to judge you for the decision you're making with your body. There are, however, certain annoying tattoo trends that might make your artists think twice — whether…

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13 Vintage Tattoo Designs That Have Stood The Test Of Time — PHOTOS

It seems in today's modern society that trends come and go within minutes. Something will be popular and then, all of a sudden, the masses have moved on to the next trend. This is true of internet memes, music, fashion, and, of course, tattoos.…

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9 Things You Didn’t Realize Annoy Tattoo Artists

It's so easy to get wrapped up in the moment and make a few etiquette mistakes when getting a tattoo. And that's completely understandable. Just like it's not always 100 percent obvious what to do when getting a haircut — how much do you tip? do you…

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48 Best Inspirational Quotes For Motivational Tattoo Ideas With Meaning

The best inspirational quotes are worth inking on your body. Here are some of the most inspiring motivational tattoos ideas with meaning so you can live (and wear) your truth.

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10 Of The SEXIEST Tattoo Trends (That'll Give You TOTAL Tattoo Envy)

These sexy tattoo trends show us what's hot this year in the world of tattooing. Trust me, you're going to ink yourself after seeing these.

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