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Kickstart your Monday morning with a dose of humor! Check out these hilarious memes that perfectly capture the Monday blues and give you a good laugh to start your week off right.
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I think if one were to ask what the worst day of the week is, the answer would be unanamous; it is Monday, of course. I mean, they even have songs about it if anyone can recall, and it's just another manic... you know the rest. After a nice, long, relaxing, or even an eventful, packed weekend, no one looks forward to waking up on the first workday of the week and having to get back to the grind and hustle. Of course, there aren't just songs made about the terrible, terrible day, but to get…

Tim Cook
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Looking for some Monday humor to start your week on a positive note? We have rounded up a collection of funny Monday morning quotes, sayings, captions (with images and pictures) to inspire you and turn your Monday blues to laughter. Related: Hilarious Monday Memes for The Week So start your week with a dash of […]