Mini mousse

Indulge in these delightful mini mousse recipes that are perfect for any occasion. Try out these mouthwatering desserts and treat yourself to a little taste of heaven.

There are few things as perfect as a simple chocolate dipped strawberry, and these impressive little entremet cakes transform that classic pairing into a chocolate covered dome of delight, with a luscious strawberry mousse and rich chocolate brownie core. Featuring a cloud-like strawberry mousse and a square of fudgy chocolate brownie, all covered with a

Luz Ruiz
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Hi everyone; Pretty in pink, Yeah I love pink deserts. These mini mouse cakes are made from raspberry-lemon, greek yogurt, and heavy cream. They are the perfect dessert for summer, with natural fruit making them a bit healthy right? The cake layer is a vanilla sponge cake, super easy and fast to make! The combination

Holly Dyrland