Micro goldendoodle

Find your perfect companion with our adorable micro Goldendoodle puppies. Browse our listings and bring home a loving and intelligent pet that will bring joy to your life.
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Micro Mini Goldendoodle Guide: Size, Price, Lifespan & More!

Micro Mini Goldendoodles (AKA Micro Goldendoodles) are all the rage at the moment due to their cute faces and size that is so small that they could fit into a designer handbag. While it may seem advantageous to own a pocket sized dog that you can take anywhere and doesn’t consume large quantities of food,…

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Full Grown Goldendoodle Guide (Size & Age Fully Grown)

The Goldendoodle (AKA Groodle) is a cross breed between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. As a cross breed there can be variation in Goldendoodle size and the age at which they are fully grown depending on the size of Poodle the Golden Retriever was bred with. You may be wondering what size a full…

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Things You Should Know Before Getting a Goldendoodle

Answering the question, “Is a Goldendoodle right dog for me?” isn’t as simple as answering the same question with a purebred dog. Under any circumstances, I am not talking down crossbred dogs or Goldendoodles in particular when I say you are taking a chance of rolling the dice by adopting a hybrid mix. First, you […]

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