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Discover the best Metallica albums of all time and dive into the iconic discography of this legendary band. From their early thrash metal sound to their more recent hits, explore the music that has made Metallica one of the greatest rock bands in history.
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1991's "Metallica" - aka the Black Album In the years leading up to 1991, Metallica was defined as a speed metal band. Played fast, played loud and played hard. I hadn't listened to much of their music, knowing maybe the riff to "Master Of Puppets" and watching the "One" video on MTV. All that changed

Luciano Crispiniano

There might have been a time when you looked at a Pink Floyd album cover and saw it move because of something you inhaled or ingested, but these album covers do so without any drugs necessary. Take a look at some of JB's work, and click-through to his Tumblr to see the rest.

Art Kyser