Mediterranean bathroom

Transform your bathroom into a serene Mediterranean oasis with these stunning ideas. Discover how to incorporate warm colors, intricate tile patterns, and luxurious accents for a spa-like experience.
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Mediterranean bathroom, discover the art of living beautifully amid elegant tilework, plaster walls etched with intricate patterns, and the soothing melodies of wind chimes dancing on ocean breezes. Embrace la dolce vita through our blissful blog.

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Terracotta has a rich history spanning back to various ancient civilizations, such as Chinese, Greek, and Egyptian. It’s full of history and still so loved today by many around the world, making it a true fan favorite. The warm and earthy burnt orange color of terracotta tile is filled with life and personality, perfect for livening up any space. Continue reading to see 6 terracotta colored tile projects that we adore! 1. Glamorous Terracotta Floor Color makes such a big impact in design, so…

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Highland Park Spanish Home - S·B Long Interiors

As seen in Traditional Home When Dallas interior designer Susan Bednar Long started the renovation on this 8,000 + sq. ft home, she knew she wanted the