Medieval paintings

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of medieval paintings and discover masterpieces that tell stories of the Middle Ages. Delve into the rich history and artistic expressions of this fascinating era.
Matejko, Jan (1838-1893) - 1862 Stanczyk During a Ball at the Court of Queen Bona after the Loss of Smolensk (National Museum, Warsaw, Poland) by RasMarley, via Flickr Medieval Jester, Clown Paintings, Court Jester, Historical Painting, Arte Obscura, Caravaggio, Oil Painting Reproductions, Classical Art, Painting Reproductions

Oil on canvas; 88 x 120 cm. Jan Matejko was a Polish painter known for paintings of notable historical Polish political and military events. His most famous works include oil on canvas paintings like Battle of Grunwald, paintings of numerous other battles and court scenes, and a gallery of Polish kings. He is counted among the most famous Polish painters. From his earliest days Matejko showed exceptional artistic talent that allowed him to advance from grade to grade, although he had great…

Dorothy Michalek