Mechanical calculator

Explore the history and functionality of mechanical calculators. Learn how these innovative machines revolutionized the way calculations were performed and still hold value in today's digital age. Find the perfect mechanical calculator for your needs and experience the joy of tactile mathematics.
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The Surprising Complexity of Old-School Calculators

Photos capture the mechanical beauty of the mechanical calculator, a heavy device often about the size of a small computer that cost thousands in today’s dollars. They were indispensable tools used for the most complex business and engineering problems of the time.

Alexander Besier
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La Maquina Analitica

También en el siglo XIX el matemático e inventor británico Charles Babbage elaboró los principios de la computadora digital moderna. Inventó una serie de máquinas, como la máquina diferencial, diseñadas para solucionar problemas matemáticos complejos. Muchos historiadores consideran a Babbage y a su socia, la matemática británica Augusta Ada Byron (1815-1852), hija del poeta inglés Lord Byron, como a los verdaderos inventores de la computadora digital moderna. La tecnología de aquella época…

Amy Holton